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January 28, 2009

ModalPopup Flicker When Exiting the Page


When the user causes a complete postback all of the panels associated with ModalPopupExtenders flicker and become visible for a moment before the page disappears as the browser loads the next page. NOTE: This is occurring while exiting the page, not when the page loads and could not be replicated on other pages.

What did not work

A quick Google search yielded this post relating to the flicker occassionaly seen when the page loads:

To get around this, I explicitly set the display style to ‘none’ on the popup Panel.  This has solved the problem.

I tried this two ways (not at the same time):

  • I added display:none; to my css class that each panel uses.
  • I added style=”display:none;” the to the panel’s tag (more…)
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