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June 3, 2009

AjaxControlToolkit ComboBox “Invalid argument.”

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The Control

Microsoft recently released version 3.0.30512 of the AjaxControlTookit, available here. One of the new controls is the ComboBox, which “provides a DropDownList of items, combined with TextBox.”

The Issue

Placing the ComboBox in a container that has the style attribute “display: none;” throws the error “Invalid argument.” This is true if the container is a panel with the attribute set explicitly, or a different container such as a TabPanel that implicitly has the display attribute set to none when it is not shown.


May 14, 2009

Maintaining Dynamically Added Controls

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Two Questions

  1. How can I keep a dynamically added control from disappearing on postBack?
  2. When in the life cycle of the page should I do this?
Click Here to download this solution


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